Our Large Fleet of High-Quality Heavy Equipment




Its features include:

  • 70 Ton
  • 115 Ft of Boom




Its features include:

  • 75 Ton
  • 100 Ft of Boom
Leading Edge


Its features include:

  • 67 Ft of Boom
  • 22-Ton Palfinger Crane
  • Reverse Jib
  • Grapple and Magnet
Leading Edge


Its features include:

  • 35-Ton Still Boom
  • 100 Ft of Boom

Winch Trucks



Its features include:

  • 40 Ton Winch

  • Comes With 12 Wheel Scissorneck

  • Option To Addon a 8 Wheel Jeep

Specialty Trailers

Our trailer fleet consists of the following:

  • Highboy
  • Landall - Equipment Hauling Trailer
  • Lowboy
  • Trombone Highboy - Extends Up to 90 Ft

Oil Field and Agriculture

Leading Edge can provide services to various companies in different industries. Some of the industries include; oil and gas, farming, and forestry. For oil and gas companies Leading Edge is able to provide general hauling, plant turnarounds, service rig moving, pumpjack transports and installations, as well as communication tower installations and removals. For the farming companies Leading Edge can set up and maintain grain handling systems such as grain lets and bins, provide transportation and hauling services of farm equipment, create an assembly of shops and houses, and set walls and roof sections. For forestry companies Leading Edge can hoist general mill site equipment during times of maintenance or upgrades as well as haul general forestry equipment and supplies.

General Store

Leading Edge is the only provider of Degelman products in the Peace Region. This makes us able to meet your needs when it comes to high-quality gear and equipment. We have a wide selection of accessories that will go well with your Degelman mower. Items such as tire chains, ground engaging tools, grader edges, and teeth are available at a fair price.

Stop by our store today and see if we have what you need.

Leading Edge